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Kindergarten is crucial for your child’s future development. Most kindergarten kids are expected to be able to read and write words by the end of their first school year. The kindergarten method is a nurturing, non-competitive environment that includes engaging activities that help children develop their skills.

The kindergarten curriculum is designed to promote the physical, social, and emotional development of young children, as well as their language and literacy skills. Many of the activities included in the curriculum are focused on using the arms, legs, hands, and other body parts, as physical activity is known to help children focus and relieve stress, and is important for their health. Other activities included in the curriculum are puzzles and clay, and writing and manipulatives.


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ENROLL NOW FOR KINDERGARTEN | Academia del Pueblo Elementary 

We are currently accepting enrollment applications for new students.

Thank you for choosing Academia Del Pueblo in your school selection process.  Under the auspices of Friendly House Inc., we have been serving our community for 100 years, and we look forward to continuing that legacy as we begin this partnership with you. At Academia Del Pueblo, we are able to provide one to one technology, coupled with cutting-edge programs to meet the learning needs of students.  ADP offers a well-rounded and engaging educational experience, to ensure students are not only college and career ready but prepared for life in the 21st century.


To begin your child’s journey towards Excellence, please be sure to fill out the required forms (listed below), and then supply the required documentation (listed below) that is needed to complete the registration process.


Special note for incoming Kindergarten students:


ALL incoming KG students MUST be 5 years of age on/by September 1, 2022 to use the online packet.

Kinder class

Required Documentation   

for Enrollment

Proof of Residency

In order to register your student at Academia Del Pueblo, the parent or guardian must provide one (1) piece of documentation indicating the place of residency. Complete Arizona Residency Documentation Form. 

Immunization Records

Proof of immunization or signed waiver is required at time of enrollment. 

Official State Issued Birth Certificate

Must be original, no scanned copies allowed

Withdrawal Form

Please present withdrawal form from most recently enrolled school.  Legal guardianship or custody papers are necessary, if:

 • An adoption has taken place, is reflected with an amended birth certificate, and student lives with adoptive parents as listed on the amended birth certificate.

• The student lives with one custodial parent as the result of a divorce.

• The student lives with anyone else, i.e. grandparents, aunt, uncle, sibling, friends or other relatives. We must have a photocopy of the court papers granting guardianship within 5 days of enrollment.

Individualized learning plans, evaluations, and other related documents: Students who are presently receiving special services (special education, gifted, ELL, 504) are encouraged to provide copies of these documents upon enrollment.

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