Academia del Pueblo



Academia del Pueblo curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and mathematical skills into every grade level. Beginning in kindergarten, ADP students develop skills in number sense, mathematical thinking, algebraic operations, measurement, data analysis, and geometry

Our programs, Zearn Eureka Math (K-5) and LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics (6-8), are top-rated evidence-based curriculum resources that guide our teachers and students through a rigorous and hands-on approach to math learning. All learners engage in math practice designed for applying math skills outside of the classroom in order to understand the relevance of math in today’s world.


The ADP science program is designed to be engaging and challenging at all grade levels. Using the 3-Dimensional Science approach, students explore earth science, physical science, and life science studies in all grade levels.

Teachers guide students in how to use the scientific method to understand, explain, replicate, question, and design their own inquiries in different scientific fields both inside and outside of the classroom. A hands-on phenomenon teaching approach helps students engage in science at a high level within this classroom and helps support learners as they practice relevant real-world applications of scientific knowledge. 


As an Apple ConnectEd campus, students have opportunities to actively and responsibly participate in using their iPad and the internet as tools for learning all day long. Their digital learning is enhanced by their Media class, which students participate in twice weekly. Incorporating the Apple “Everyone Can Create” program, students learn to develop and communicate their ideas through video, photography, music, and drawing-bringing technology and digital arts together.

Students also have the opportunity to practice app design and basic coding. Additionally, students receive targeted instruction in basic keyboarding and how to troubleshoot and problem solve with new technology as they grow their understanding of the importance of technology as a tool in the world. 

English Language Arts

ADP’s English language arts curriculum helps students develop the critical skills students need to become effective readers, writers, and communicators. Incorporating rigorous practice in phonics, decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, speaking, and listening, all students explore a wide range of text and genres within our core programs, Journeys (K-4) and Ready Reading (5-8.) 

Students in K-5 also engage in independent reading practice using on online library of leveled texts called RAZKids to build reading stamina and fluency. Our writing programs develop student skills vertically to ensure all learners are prepared to write a variety of argumentative, informative, and narrative texts.

Social Studies

In today’s world, we must prepare students to think and act both locally and globally. The ADP social studies program guides students to explore both historical and contemporary events through inquiry to help students develop their own connections to the past, and more importantly, their place of self within our large world. 

Students study civics, economics, geography, and history by using modern social science skills and processes that require learners to: compare and contrast multiple historical perspectives, gather relevant evidence from primary and secondary sources to support ideas and claims, analyze large movements in history to understand cause and effect of past and present, and communicate their ideas clearly to their peers. 

Physical Education

We believe that Academia del Pueblo students will strive to achieve sustainable digital, mental, and physical health in all areas of their lives, so Physical Education (PE) is a central part of our program. All grade levels participate in PE on at least a weekly basis, with K-5 students participating in PE twice weekly. Learners play a variety of sports and games that require the use of both large and small motor functions that align with NASPE Standards. 

While building cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength, students are encouraged to empower themselves to sustain a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and appreciate physical fitness at a young age. Students learn the traditional rules of multiples sports and are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular sports. The end goal of the AdP PE program is to develop healthy bodies and promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness, and sports.